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December 2010 – LA and Cruise

Caribbean Cruisin’ Part 2

More pics from our cruise on the Celebrity Millenium!

Caribbean Cruisin’ Part 1

OK, normally I’d break this trip down into the nitty gritty details of how I booked it, what we did, and how we made the most of our cruise vacation. Instead, I’m going to take a break and just post pictures. We sailed on the Celebrity Millennium out of San Juan, Puerto Rico for and 11 day cruise – with 9 days in port. Here are some of the highlights:

Success Camp!

OK, in blog time it’s December, but in real time, it’s February. I’m going to make just a couple of posts of the travel I’ve done since San Diego, with the intention of catching up to Friday’s upcoming trip to the Florida panhandle with Susie.

Sooo… had a great time at the Malinchak conference in December. Morgan and Anna did a great job helping, Preston got some good ideas for his business, and I had fun learning how to stage the flyers that get handed out.

Morgan and I got to get our picture taken with Jason Alexander and Jack Canfield, two of the speakers there. (Our Jason Alexander picture was sent to us signed and framed.) After looking at them, I realize that I need to change my posture when I do photos like this, put my hands on their shoulders so we look like we’re friends.

I also got a chance to get some great speaking photos standing on James’ stage. The conference photographer Jon ( offered to take some pictures of me pretending to speak to an audience. I’ll be using these photos on my brochure outlining my speaker services. The best one is on my website, Check it out!

I loved hearing the speakers and meeting new people. I especially love the opportunity for Morgan to hear success stories from people like Jack Canfield and T. Harv Ecker and understand that the sky is the limit for him. Attending these seminars has given him experience working for others that I can’t do on my own.

Even though the conference went until Sunday afternoon, Morgan and I had to leave Saturday night to catch the red-eye back home in order to leave early Monday morning.
Attending seminars like these always inspire me to really ramp up my self-defense training and speaking business. Now all I have to do is stay home more….