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So why does it take me 3 days to get from Hampton to Bali?? As mentioned before, I found this fantastic deal, only $537 from Philadelphia to Bali while I was perusing the daily emails at Usually the fare is around $1300, so I had to jump on it. For this price, I had to get from Virginia to Philadelphia (most economical and quite pleasant by 6 ½ hour train ride), spend the night in Philadelphia, then the next day fly from Philly to Detroit (2 hour flight with a 4 hour layover), then Detroit to Seoul (13 hours), stay the night in Seoul (got here at 6pm) and then fly tomorrow at 11am for my last 7 hour flight. 

So right now, it’s 7am East Coast time and 8pm Seoul time, but it seems like the same day, even though it’s tomorrow.

From the hotel this morning (yesterday?) I shuttled to the Philadelphia airport, had a nice breakfast at the lounge, then hopped the flight to Detroit. Usually I get to board first (even get first class), but that’s only when I fly USAir or American. This is Delta today, but I don’t really miss my status because it’s a regional jet where my bag is checked at the gate, no need to get there early for an overhead spot. This is important for all of you who are new to my blog, because I NEVER check my bags. Never. So it’s important to get on quick and early to make sure there’s a space above close to where I’m sitting.

Arriving in Detroit, I am amazed to see how nice it is! Last time I was here (uh, 20-30 years ago) it was pretty much the armpit of airports. But now it’s nice and new and even has a train running inside! Had some time to kill, so found a cover for my new phone, had lunch at PF Chang’s (yum) and re-familiarized myself with the updates on this blogging app. Bad news is, now the camera has broken. There are no camera stores in the airport, so maybe I’ll get lucky in Seoul. Good thing my new phone takes nice pictures!

The 13 hour flight was a piece of cake. Boarded, watched a movie while they served dinner, slept for a couple of hours, watched another movie while they served a snack, slept for another couple of hours, watched another movie while they served breakfast. Just for fun a couple of months ago I ordered a special meal, Asian Vegetarian, in honor of my 14 day Vegan Cleanse that happened in January. This turned out nice because they bring me my meal first, and it seems somewhat fresher than the meal of my seatmate. No charge for this, by the way, and it was good!

When I landed in Seoul, I made my way through customs and immigration, found the train station, bought a ticket (machines have English) and met my new Korean friend Gemini at the station. Since T-Mobile has free texts without changing the SIM card, we were able to communicate in real time. 

It’s just getting dark, the lights are coming on, and we drive to the apartment Gemini shares with his girlfriend and talented cat. I have to share the toilet with the cat, who has a special seat that I just flip up when it’s my turn to go.

With the great wifi here, I can catch up on emails and do a little writing. Tomorrow – Bali!! 

Love the American Airlines lounge, a great place for breakfast and a nice bathroom.


On the Philly runway


Lunch with a view


There’s a train inside the airport in Detroit.


Just like first class! Menu, eye cover, headphones, and earplugs all included.


3 responses

  1. Julie:

    I got your response to my email but I wanted to comment on your blogpost so you recognize my gravitar. Sounds like a lot of exciting changes in your life since Refuge d’Orisson 3 years ago. I’ll send you an email sometime today.


    April 28, 2015 at 10:44 am

  2. Mary

    Just like Spain….a broken camera 😀 Loving the blog entries….looking forward to so many more! Have a blast…..take zillions of pictures for me!!!!

    April 28, 2015 at 6:58 pm

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