My Life as a Traveler

Three Days Home

An early flight from San Diego got us home around noon. Nice! It’s December 3rd and I’ve got three days to unpack, finish Christmas errands, and prepare for a 4 day seminar in Los Angeles and an 11 day cruise. I’m not including today because the day we get home from somewhere, I’m basically useless.

I need to have a better system for re-entry. Sometimes my luggage will sit, still full, in my bedroom. I’m almost afraid to open it and empty it. Laundry, reading materials (need to get a Kindle), souvenirs in the form of shells from the beach and rocks from the desert, toiletries — aaargh! So much work. I work hard and I travel hard, so I tell myself I deserve to rest.

However, since I don’t have many days to work with before the next trip, I go into productive mode. I unpack today, sort the souvenirs from the clothes, sort the dirty from the clean (and yes, I wash the semi-clean), and replenish the toiletries used for the next trip. In the next day or so, I need to mail out Christmas gifts, go shopping to get last-minute cruise things, and all the usual stuff that needs to be done at home.

I’m looking forward to the next trip — a marketing seminar put on by James Malinchak (Big Money Speaker.) This will be my 4th time attending. The first time I went with George, I was interested in becoming a public speaker, teaching self-defense to women. I learned that one way to be considered an authority was to write a book. I liked this idea because it would not only provide good information to women who need it, but in the process of writing, I can organize the information for the talks that I will give.

By the second seminar, I had the rough draft of the book done and learned how to market it. By the third seminar, I was paying attention to the details of how to speak well. The last two seminars I brought Morgan and this time I’ve invited Preston and Anna to attend. I’ve been asked to help out the back of the room.

Everything’s looking good, until Tuesday. As I was going out on the last errand before we leave on Wednesday, my car was hit on the driver’s side behind me and slammed into the curb. Airbags deployed on the passenger side (smells like gunpowder) and my sweet MINI was undriveable, but I was OK. We tow her home to wait for the insurance adjuster to tell us whether it is totaled or not, and go right out again in the van (freaky to drive so soon after being hit) and finish the errands so I’ll be ready to go to the airport tomorrow morning.

So many questions! Will my car be OK? Will Preston and Anna enjoy the seminar? Will I be able to get back from the seminar and turn around to go on the cruise? All of this is floating in my brain as I go to sleep that night.

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