My Life as a Traveler

Hitting the Wall

Could not find a picture of us lying around the hotel room.. just imagine our lazy bodies on the sofabed.

After six straight days of sightseeing and travel, there’s no moving Morgan from the hotel room.

We need to go shopping to buy him some swim trunks and water sandals for our upcoming cruise, because I’ve got a feeling that the Virginia Macy’s won’t carry those items. We have a trolley pass that we can use to the discount shopping mall but he’s not moving.

I can get him to Panera Bread across the street from the hotel for breakfast, but that’s about it. We watch HBO: Minority Report (love the rolling eyeball scene and Tom Cruise), Grey Gardens (Drew Barrymore is awesome, recently saw Tina Fey on 30Rock doing a bad impression of her), and a couple of other movies that I just can’t remember. We have free internet in the room and Morgan’s got one eye on the movies and one eye on YouTube. I’m giving myself a manicure and reading email newsletters as well.

I’m known as a pretty busy traveler and my idea of a fun trip is to go go go. I almost feel guilty when I stop – there’s so much out there to see, experience, and discover! But, thanks to Morgan the slug… here I am resting. I forget sometimes that that is part of the travel experience. To enjoy no laundry to do, no house to clean, no food to cook, no dishes to wash, no chores. Just sit back and enjoy the world being stopped.

It feels good just not to move, to just lie in bed and be entertained.  Fortunately, there’s a Baja Fresh restaurant across from Panera’s and the burritos are pretty good. Tomorrow we rent a car to go to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.

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