My Life as a Traveler

Travel + Friends = Perfection

PreNote to the PreNote: In Aruba and can’t get this post to paragraph for some Caribbean reason. Sorry it’s all jammed together!! Also, un-captioned pic is me and Shawna Bowen, my fellow author-speaker.

PreNote: Hey folks: the blog is still in Phoenix, but right now I’m in the Caribbean on our (almost) yearly vacation cruise. I’m going to keep the blog linear, which means I’ll continue with my travels in Phoenix, then San Diego, then Los Angeles, then to the cruise. I will post when I can and promise to keep up at least once a week, although some days you’ll see spurts of posting. Hope that’s ok. I’d really be curious to know what type of schedule you prefer for blog posts. If you get a chance, let me know, ok?
Back to Phoenix, where I’ve been training in Combat Hapkido and having a rather complicated hotel stay. But you know, beyond the rashes, the bruises, and the confrontations with hotel employees, it’s really all about the people I have had the pleasure and privilege to meet and hang out with. Besides my Mom and my fellow author/speaker Shawna, let me tell you about some of the other people who have really made it all worthwhile.
• Mark Roane – OK, Mark, (if you’re reading this, my new Facebook friend!), I was a little nervous seeing you at the training on Day One. Before you moved to Texas, you were my hapkido teacher. I remember you for so many things, but the most memorable was that you didn’t promote me for A WHOLE YEAR! I thought for sure you hated me – but I realized that with I wasn’t the most precise student, either. I’m really happy to get to know you better on this trip and I appreciate your friendliness and help with some photos for my website and brochure. Thanks, mate!
• Trina Pellegrini – I guess you can’t get into too much trouble if you’re lying on the floor chatting instead of doing ground defense with Grandmaster’s wife! Trina, I loved your story and it was really nice to meet you. Thanks for the link to my book on the ICHF website, too! I hope we can stay connected.
• All the other guys and gal from all over the country who also attended the training. It was pleasure to meet and train with you. I apologize for any inadvertent groin kicks and bruises where I was almost, but not quite, at the pressure point. See you in Colorado in April!
• Lisa! My PLU college roommate (circa 1977-78) has a little house here in Phoenix close to where her Mom moved from rainy Washington. Fortunately, it turned out that she was in Phoenix this weekend. You know you have a good friend when you can pick right up from where you last left off, no matter how many years it’s been. We found a great Thai restaurant, I introduced her to papaya salad (my new Thai fave food) and laughed as we caught up. I love Lisa’s upbeat attitude and love of life – it’s contagious!
In the end, it’s not the confrontations, the body aches, or even the adventures that make or break a trip. It’s the people. Who have you connected with on your last trip?

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