My Life as a Traveler

Hotel Woes, Part II

Saturday a.m., took Mom to the airport, went back to the hotel and gave myself a manicure, and headed out to Mesa for day two of training.

Today was much more intense than the day before. We practiced scenarios like what you do if someone punches you, how you get someone to move without leaving a bruise, and how you get out of a situation where people are trying to stomp your head after you fell to the ground. At one point, I was thrown to the ground and banged skulls with another guy thrown to the same spot. Owww.  Hope this doesn’t translate into a concussion or an aneurism or something.

After the seminar, I had big plans to treat myself to a nice restaurant for dinner, but by the time I got back to my (finally cleaned!) room, I was whupped.  I plopped down onto the bed and turned on the tv, too lazy to even get up to take a shower.  The Gift, a movie I hadn’t seen before, was on, so I decided to order room service. Chili-seared tuna and a French dip came in 20 minutes and I was starving.

About half an hour after my feast, I had a headache (concussion???), a stomach ache, and felt itchy all over. When I ran to the bathroom (had to run, if you know what I mean), I noticed that the complete upper half of my body was covered with a bright red rash. Yikes! Is this the first sign of aneurism or food poisoning? Would I be able to make it to the last day of seminar tomorrow? Would they let me on the plane to go home in two days? Do I need to go to the doctor? Do I call room service to complain? I crawled back into bed and drank a gallon of water.  After the movie was over, I crept back to the bathroom, afraid of what I would see. Fortunately, the rash was fading. Maybe I will survive.

What’s the weirdest health thing that has ever happened to you while traveling?


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