My Life as a Traveler

Hotel Woes, Part 1

Most of the traveling I do is to accompany George on his business trips. I am the vice-president of George Greene Consulting, after all! We are Platinum members of the Starwood Hotel Chain, which means we check into a Sheraton, Westin, or Aloft Hotel at least 25 times a year.

This Preferred status gets us some nice benefits:

  • Access to the Club Lounge, which usually offers breakfast in the morning and snacks in the evening – free.
  • Free internet
  • 4pm checkout – really nice if George is still meeting on the day of departure
  • Upgrade to the Preferred floor (yes, there is such a place) which has slightly bigger rooms and free bottled water. Sometimes we get upgraded to a suite – not often.
  • Bonus points to add to our collection to use for free rooms when we have personal travel.

The beauty of using points for rooms at the Sheraton is that they give you the same benefits as if we were paying full price. So, when I decided to book my hotel in Phoenix, I used a combination of points and payment, and I had certain expectations.

Here are some of the things that did not meet my expectations in Phoenix:

  • No maid service for the first 2 nights of our stay – had to call the front desk.
  • While I was at the Hapkido training and my Mom was chillin in the room, a strange woman used the key that the front desk gave her to open the door!! They somehow thought we weren’t there. This is very freaky – what if it was some guy who might hurt my Mom? What if someone had a key and they wanted to come back and steal our stuff? OK, Mom’s bad for not using that extra lock on the door (the one you can only use from inside that stops the door from opening all the way), but still, this is not good.

When I addressed these issues with the people at the front desk, they offered to move us to a different room. We had been living there for 2 days and were not interested. They offered to wipe out our old key info and re-key the room. We did take them up on that.

The young man at the counter offered us 1000 points for our trouble (value: around $10). Huh. After a stern lecture of how this really affected our safety, I asked for 4000. The young man said that he would check with his manager. It’s been a few weeks now, and no credit. Looks like I need to write a letter to the manager. I know it’s just a mistake, but it really freaked my mom out, and when she went down to the desk to tell them about it, they kind of blew her off.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

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