My Life as a Traveler

Sedona Energy

I love the desert! It’s so different from the terrain of Tidewater Virginia. I am enthralled with the flat valley surrounded by mountains shaped like camels and mushrooms. Different shapes of cactus line the streets. The sky is the clearest blue and there is no humidity. The sun feels warm on my skin. There’s a different kind of energy here than there is at my home on the water. It feels almost prickly, like the cactus.

When I invited my Mom to Phoenix to play with me a day before my defensive tactics training, I asked her what she wanted to do. “Sedona,” she said. I call my friend and fellow author/speaker Shawna Bowen, who lives near there. She’s working for the famous Pink Jeep Tours there and sets us up on the Broken Arrow (named after the John Wayne movie made there) tour. We make plans for lunch afterward.

It’s about a 2 hour drive from Phoenix. We leave early, driving through the desert wilderness. It’s a landscape of rusty brown, ruddy green and tarnished silver. We wind up a mountain pass and find ourselves on top of a new, flat world. After we turn off the freeway at the Sedona exit, we turn a corner and find out why everybody is crazy over Sedona. We have just driven into the largest modern art installation that I’ve ever seen.

Ahead of us, there are red rock sculptures and spires, courtesy of Mother Nature. As we drive closer to the town of Sedona, we can’t help being drawn in by the beauty. There’s an energy here that’s compelling us come closer. It must be the Vortexes

And yes, it’s vortexes, not vortices. You are probably familiar with a vortex in air or water; the swirls you see after your hand travels through the still water in a pool are also found after an aircraft as it travels through the air. Well, in Sedona (and also in many other parts of the world, so they say) the vortex of interest is not of swirling air or water molecules; this vortex is made of swirling energy.

Some people believe that the proximity to these vortexes improves your chi, the flow of energy throughout your body. Some physicist “measured” this in the last century and people have come here ever since to be “renewed.” I don’t know much about the physics of these vortexes. All I know is that, for me, it feels very good to be here.

We find Shawna and the Pink Jeeps in uptown Sedona. Since Shawna’s with us and she knows the driver, when we all request a more adventurous ride, he complies with pleasure. We bounce around on the rocks and through the sage in the jeep, laughing every time our butts lift off of the seat. Mom’s in the front seat with the driver (the least bounciest place) and having fun, too.

After the ride, we head to the cantina for lunch. Prickly pear margaritas and fajitas just taste better after you’ve been jeeped. Shawna gives me some great ideas for the brochure I need to create for my upcoming speaking tour. It’s really great to connect with her and I wish her the best, best, best. Her speaking tour is called From Rockstar to Therapist and combines her original music with motivational and inspirational insights. Bring her to your organization!

After a bit of shopping uptown, it’s time to go. We choose to leave though the Oak River canyon, described as spectacular scenery, but really, after the wide vistas and the rock sculptures, it’s a little disappointing. The sun sets just over the next mountain as we head south, back to Phoenix.

I don’t know if it was the vortexes or the rocks or the great company, but I do feel great!

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