My Life as a Traveler

Atlanta II

Atlanta, day two. This morning we ventured out to Scott’s new office digs in the alternative part of town, south of the city. They’re still working with the remodelers to update his section of the old bakery (with the new bakery next door – how’s that for choosing your neighbors!), but we could see the possibilities. The kids (Morgan, George, Savannah, and Scott) played Nerf Gun Wars as the adults tried to stay out of the way.

Breakfast was at the amazing Majestic Café, an art-deco gem near Scott’s office. Who knew there was Art Deco in Atlanta!

Next, we visited the neighborhood of Five Points. This is NOT Mr. Roger’s neighborhood. No, it’s more like Mr. Ozzy Osbourne’s neighborhood. Stores that sell everything from tattoos to tutus, lots of skinny kids wearing black, and an alternative vibe that you can feel down to your toes. I don’t know if I should be worried, but this was Morgan’s favorite part of the trip, particularly the visit to The Junkman’s Daughter store. You could tell the clientele just from the bumper stickers in the parking lot. (Pay no attention to the RICH WHITE MEN behind the curtain.) We spent a fair amount of time there, and everybody found something amusing. It was so hard to choose between the dog turd soap, or the Zit Poppers candy, or the various t-shirts, mostly with inappropriate sayings on them. I was taken by the rubber chicken purse, but I held back. We had to drag Morgan out of there, clutching his Zit Poppers and zombie t-shirt.

Back to the Galvin’s, where Scott made a bonfire in their uber-cool firepit in the back yard. (Note to self: must have fire pit in back yard of own house.) Grilled burgers for dinner, with bday cake for my mom. They had the movie Juno, which none of us had seen before, and we loved it. I so want to be Juno’s Facebook friend.

Loved, loved, loved visiting and send out a big THANK YOU to Karin and Scott (Karin, I know you’re reading this!) Heading home tomorrow.

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