My Life as a Traveler

Atlanta I

My Big Squid family

The morning after celebrating at the yacht club, we head to Patrick Henry airport for our 7am flight to Charlotte, then Atlanta. Usually when Mom comes to visit, we make a road trip. We’ve been to Monticello, Madrid, the Outer Banks, Marseilles. Chincoteague, and Munich, and Florida, to name a few. This time, though, we opted for a visit with George’s youngest daughter, Karin, and her family, husband Scott and almost 6 year-old daughter Savannah.  Mom’s never been to Atlanta before, either, so this trip fits the  bill.

It’s a small plane from Newport News to Charlotte. We leave our carry-ons at the gate. The flight to Charlotte is a larger plane, and we are all upgraded to first class. Mom and I enjoy a celebratory Bloody Mary, as it is still her birthday weekend. I love how they bring you drinks even before the plane leaves the ground. George abstains. He’s driving when we get there, after all.

In Atlanta, we head to Budget Car Rental and use our double-upgrade coupon to get a 7 passenger Chrysler Town and Country for $35/day, including all taxes and fees. (Love those coupons!) It really worked, as there were exactly 7 of us and we could all travel together to see the sights.

And see the sights we did!

First, we visited the Lily Pad House, the neighborhood name for Karin and Scott’s new house. Sitting on a little bit of land directly on a small but gorgeous lake, it is a 1970’s decorator’s dream come true. Contemporary with tall ceilings and a view of the lake from just about every room, it is like being on vacation every single day. The décor will be “Galvinized” (their last name is ..Galvin, cute, huh?) and I’m sure by the time they move in in January, it will be amazing. Like a doofus, I left my camera in the car, so no pics of the pad.

Next, we visited Marley, Karin’s horse. Marley’s stable is not far from the main roads of the Atlanta suburbs, but it has a distinctly country feel. Down a dirt road past an old, rusted plow to the stable owner’s house proudly flying the Confederate flag, you know you’re in the rural South. The stables are nicely kept, though, and the horses have their own meadow across the stream. Marley nuzzles us in welcome and we meet all of her friends.

We had dinner at Baan Thai  the local Thai restaurant. There was amazing food, good prices, friendly people, and no one else there on a Friday night. Wake up, Smyrna!

Tomorrow, the adventure continues!


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