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What’s on Your iPod?

What’s on your iPod? Before we get started, would you please make a comment on this blog and tell me what you have on your mp3 player when you take a trip? Pretty please??? Thanks!

OK, finally I have my iPods programmed for travel. Now that I have connections in my car, I can bring my dedicated car/roadtrip  iPods into my glove compartment and leave them there. As mentioned before, if I use my regular iPod in the car, I constantly forget to bring it back into the house. My garage is not attached to the house, so it’s a little bit of a trek in my pj’s (cause it’s not til bedtime or just when I get up when I want it), so I’m happy to have the small cheap ones that don’t surf the net or take pictures in my car. I only have to bring them in when I want to change the music/podcasts – they charge right there in the car, which is sweet!

So, I have one iPod for music only, which has an assortment of tunes of the rock/dance/pop genre (no meditative music for the car zzzzzzz…..). It’s not my favorite, though.

I’m a great fan of talk radio and always used to have my radio tuned to NPR in the olden days. However, it’s the 2010’s (how do we say that? It’s the 10’s?) and technology has advanced to where I can choose my topics, programs, and hosts with podcasts. I loooove podcasts and subscribe to quite a few of them. My favorite topics are self-defense, self-care, language lessons, cool music, and stories. When I’m tuned into a podcast, particularly when I’m on the road or on the elliptical trainer, time seems to fly. Here are some of my favorites and a short review:

  • The Practical Defense Podcast by Alex Haddox. This guy looks at self-defense the same way I do. So much, in fact, that he volunteered to write the Foreword of my book and invite me to be a guest on his show (number 142). Great stuff that keeps me current on my book/speaking topic. Best with the elliptical trainer. I’m just starting to get into Karate Cafe as well.
  • Elsie’s Yoga Kula – Elsie is my favorite yoga teacher, bar none. When she teaches yoga, wherever she is or has been, she walks around with a lavalier mic on her lapel and a recorder on her backside, records the class and puts it up on her podcast. It’s like being in the studio with her entire class. Her style is Anusara yoga which is always based on an uplifting theme. I travel with my mat and Elsie wherever I go. Her classes are long, though, and if I don’t have an hour and a half, I go to Hillary’s Yoga Podcast, usually an hour, or Yoga Journal, Yogamazing, or the 20 Minute Yoga Download for a quicker fix.
  • Learn to Meditate – first, I love their Australian accent. G’day! If I have time, this is 20 minutes well spent on guided meditation. If I have problems falling asleep, I plug these guys in and usually don’t make it to the end. Other good ones are My Thought Coach, Meditation Station, and Zencast.
  • Dave’s Lounge – when I’m really chillin’ I put on Dave’s Lounge. Mellow stuff that’s good as background music for a late glass of wine. Other background music podcasts are the Celebrity Playlist podcast and The Concert, which I especially enjoy with Sudoku.
  • Tranquility du Jour with Kimberly Wilson, author of The Hip Tranquil Chick and Tranquilista. I like to think of her podcast as a Mind Spa, dipping into all kinds of self-care and creativity-enhancing topics like Ayurveda, tea, journaling, and Sark. Great for exercising or train rides.
  • Escape Pod – my favorite story podcast of all time. Steve Eley hosts science fiction stories that pretty much blow my mind every time. Some are funny, some are a little scary, all are thought-provoking. I don’t listen to these by myself, however, these are only for long car rides with George and Morgan. We also like Podcastle (fantasy stories) and The Classic Tales Podcast (a distant third, however).
  • The Onion Radio News – just for grins.
  • Learn French by podcast, Coffee Break French, and Learn French with Daily Podcasts. I listen to each of them equally, as they all have a different take on what’s important to learn. I love Coffee Break Spanish as well. I have a major long distance crush on the guy who is the main teacher on those Coffee Break podcasts. He’s Scottish, so patient, so smart, and tries to be funny in an awfully endearing way. Mark, I love you!

So, that’s what keeps me busy on the road. There are more, and I’ll throw them in here and there in future entries.

I’m dying to know, though, what do you have that you cannot live without on your iPods or mp3 players? Do tell…   leave a comment!

Till next time, as Steve Eley of Escape Pod says, have fun!

One response

  1. Karin

    I don’t travel with my iPod. But I use it for working out and when I’m working at the barn. For working out, you can’t beat Eminem. For barn work, I like mellow stuff because physical labor is very relaxing to me and I like the music to fit into that. One my faves is Elliot Smith. Very mellow.

    October 6, 2010 at 6:38 pm

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