My Life as a Traveler

Mi Sandwich Cubano in Florida

Hurricane, schmurricane! With Earl the hurricane a non-event, we have no problem flying out of Newport News to Philly, then to Fort Lauderdale. The flight was smooth, but can you believe that, even sitting in first class, for a two and a half hour flight, they only give you chips and granola bars to eat? I know, poor us!

We get in on time, catch the rental car shuttle, and stand in line to get our compact car. The line is long. However, there are some little machines, like the kind at the airport for checking in for your flight, over to the side. Sure enough, George can use the machine to check in and get the car. We set up a test: George goes to the machine while I stand in line. Who will finish first??? The winner: George on the machine! And, that’s after denying all the insurance, upgrades, and other folderol that the rental car companies want to add to your rate. Definitely try out the machine next time you rent a car. It spit out a piece of paper that was somehow accepted by the guy in the garage and they let us take a car and head out.

We’re heading to George’s brother, Sherrill’s place in Fort Myers, across the state on the Gulf side, and fire up the GPS. However, by now it’s almost 3pm and we’re starved. I feel like a Cuban sandwich – good and fast and truly local. I ask the GPS and it leads us to Mi Sandwich Cubano/Colombian Fast Food (huh?, Colombian Cubans?) Anyway, it fit the bill, the woman behind the counter spoke enough English to understand our order, and they had Colombian Survivor on the telly while we waited. Great place. Morgan got the Super Hot Dog, which had, among other things, an egg on it. Hmmm… he liked it!

Bellies, full, we got to Fort Myers just in time for dinner!

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