My Life as a Traveler

Food on Foot in Virginia Beach

Sometimes you don’t have to travel very far to have an eclectic travel experience.

Last week my friend Michelle and I took a road trip across the Hampton Roads Harbor to Virginia Beach. Actually, I had to go to the MINI dealership there to get the key to the locking lugnuts on my wheels (don’t ask) and decided to make an excursion out of it.

Who uses Groupon? Such a good deal! One coupon for all kinds of local and semi-local services (i.e. facials, photography, restaurant meals, scuba diving lessons) comes to my email every day for at least 50%, sometimes 85% off of the regular price. The catch is that enough people have to buy in for the deal to go. (Shameless plug: go to and if you sign up, I get a little credit from Groupon.)

Anyway, through Groupon, I purchased a Virginia Beach Food on Foot tour at 50% off. So, since I had to go to VA beach anyway, I thought I would take a little lunch tour with my friend Michelle.

We met Eric, the owner, tour guide, general manager, and founder of the Virginia Beach Food on Foot Tours ( on the Boardwalk at 37th. An energetic young entrepreneur, he first gives us a little history of himself, his business, and Virginia Beach (the longest pleasurable stretch of beach in the world), before we make our first stop for fish tacos. And it just only got better from there.

On his website, he does not give away all the stops, and if you go, they will probably be different next year, but let’s just say, we went from Baja (that’s the taco place), to South Beach Miami for the best pizza I’ve ever had, to a Boston raw bar for yummy crab soup, to Pittsburgh for some Steelers action, to name a few.

Two and a half hours later, we ended up at the 21st street snack bar with dessert! The entire experience was like a progressive meal going from city to city, cuisine to cuisine, yet they all melded together into one fine meal. We were stuffed, entertained, and educated by the time we were done, plus met a very nice guy to boot. Glad to support him. I think he’s operating his tours through October, so check him out!

Sometimes all you need to do to find good travel experiences is just look in your own back yard.

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