My Life as a Traveler

Back on Track

My apologies. Here I have promised a blog about traveling and I’ve traveled and have not been sharing with you all. I can offer you all sorts of excuses, but one thing I learned from LEAP camp (more on that in later posts) is that there are no excuses. Just an I’m sorry, I’ll do better, and then DO BETTER. So, here we go.

Where’ve I been? Well, after the Paris trip with our dear Anna, I was home approximately enough time to be able to wake up without the heaviness of jet lag before I headed off to Albuquerque for a R.A.D. Systems (that’s Rape, Agression, Defense for those not in the know) to learn how to teach kids self-defense (for kids, it’s Resisting Agression Defensively – I actually like that better than the adult version, but that’s just me). I also learned how to wield my defensive key chain like a madwoman with a flail – and control, of course.

Home another two weeks and then Morgan and I were off to LEAP camp (Leadership, Excellence, Accelerating your Potential – so many acronyms, so little time!) I offered my DEFY the Bad Guy books to the girls and helped out with meal tickets and getting people (including comedian Niecy Nash!) parking tickets and directions. There were some amazing speakers and the kids learned everything from how to make a brag book to how to tie a tie. I’ll try to include some of the ideas of the speakers in later posts. As a reward (not that he needed it) we stayed an extra day in LA and rode almost all of the rollercoasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

So, I’ve been home for a week and absolutely want to get back in blog. Bear with me! My goal (I’ve found a cool little app for my iGoogle – I look at the goals and make a list for every day on my home page) is to connect with you all at least 3x/week. I’ll chat more and have more pics when we’re on the road again.

Which will be….  drum roll…. Labor Day! George has a meeting in Miami (ooohhh, we’re staying oceanfront Miami Beach!) but we’re going down a couple of days early to visit his brother and sister-in-law, Sherrill and Quinn, who live in North Fort Myers, across the Florida peninsula from Miami.

I’ll find some of my pics from New Mexico and post them on the next entry. Thanks for hanging in there.

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