My Life as a Traveler

Visiting the Milky Way

After one last battle with the electronics at our house (computer not responding, iPod syncing slower than grass growing, Morgan’s netbook rebelling, and Morgan’s MP3 player dead as a doornail after charging on my malfunctioning computer), we leave the house at 10:30am to drive to Cape May, New Jersey to pick up Anna, the newest member of our traveling party.

It’s a 4 hour drive across the Chesapeake Bay and up the DelMarVa peninsula to Lewes, Delaware, where we take the 1hr and 10min ferry across the mouth of the Delaware River to Cape May. What we like to do on the long drives is listen to stories I download on my iPod from the Escape Pod podcast. This is a collection of Sci/Fi stories read out loud which entertain us immensely. Favorite stories, for me: the one where the guy visits the video store and they have the classic movies, but with different endings, cause the store is in a parallel universe. George’s favorite: the one where after the world war, there was no one left in the area except for this boy and this robot who was collecting memories of all the people who had died (that one made me cry), and Morgan’s favorite are the Union Dues series, the league of superheroes who are somewhat fallible. If you like science fiction, check out this podcast at Most are really good, some are not to our taste, and some are well… weird, but we still like them anyway.

So, after the story of the world after the aliens take over and turn everybody into kitschy machines, we arrived at the ferry, just in time for the 2:45pm departure. A beautiful day, we see dolphins breaching the water several hundred yards from the boat. It’s cool here, with a nice breeze.

Upon arrival at the Gibson’s, we tour Julie’s gorgeously productive garden, meet the famous Indian Runner ducks (3 girls, they stick together all the time) and have grilled chicken breasts covered with Monterey Jack and bacon (try THAT at home!) with homegrown organic veggies for dinner. I check over Anna’s suitcase and find that she did an excellent job packing.

We end the day (appropriately, after our science fiction stories) at the Milky Way, the best ice cream stand north of the Delaware. Butter pecan never tasted sooo good.

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