My Life as a Traveler

Cooking in Colmar

In Strasbourg, France, we wake up to a fantastic view of the cathedral, but we haven’t slept well. Tried to close the window against the noise and got hot. Tried to open the window to cool down and got woken up by the garbage truck at 6am.  The cathedral is lit up at night, though. Magnificent.

Morgan is awake early, so we get an early start on the day, grab some breakfast, and head to the train station to visit Colmar for the day, one half hour away. Colmar was the largest town on the Alsatian Wine Road from yesterday, one of the few saved from WWI and WWII destruction. We are here to see the half-timbered houses and excellent medieval museum and churches.

We buy our tickets at the train station and have some time to kill before our train. Stopping at the tourist office to buy the museum/tour pass that will keep us busy for the next 3 days, we find out that Lady Gaga is in town, tonight. We rush back into town to see if the ticket office is open yet. It’s not. We rush back to catch our train to Colmar, vowing that we check the ticket situation there. We do, and find out that the concert is sold out. Oh well.

It’s sweaty hot today. Not only that, but Morgan is allergic to something in this part of France and has been sneezing, snorting, and snuffling since we got here. Hot, sweating, and eyes watering, he tours with me through the streets of Colmar until we hit the cathedral. Cool. No pollen. No mom asking questions about half-timbered houses. We sit and he leans on the pew in front, ostensibly praying for a cool rain and a nap. After about 10 minutes, I need to go. I’m getting hungry. I try to whisper to him to get him up, and get shushed over the P.A. system by the church lady. That got his attention and we slink out the door.

Lunch is the best quiche (onion tart) I’ve ever had. Comes with 2 kinds of cabbage salad and beets. Normally, beets are about the only thing I will not eat, but these are good. We tour the museum, see the magnificent medieval altarpiece in the old abbey, and head back.

Back in Strasbourg, we check the local Lady Gaga ticket situation. We find out that there are tickets available, about $120/each. We are too hot and tired and it just seems like too much right then, so we pass on the deal.

The room is still hot, so George and I take a river cruise around Strasbourg. We see our friends Don and Adele, their son Bergen, and Don’s colleague, David already on the boat. How nice to have company!

Dinner is take-out Indian. I steal forks from the breakfast room downstairs, lay out a towel, and we eat, picnic-style, directly from the containers. Yum.

Trying to sleep, the light from the kitchen across the street is bright, but if we close the curtain, we will certainly broil to death. It’s gonna be a rough night.

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