My Life as a Traveler

Queen for a Day

Ah, to be Queen!

This morning I wait in bed while the King goes off to fight the dragons. The Prince is still sleeping.

After my morning ablutions, I find the Prince has arisen. We go downstairs to breakfast set out for us. Yogurt and fruit, a chocolate croissant, and coffee for the Queen. We ride back up to our chambers and listen to recorded music while corresponding electronically with our peers. We pack for our upcoming journey.

Lunch is at Restaurant Michel Sarran. It has earned 2 stars in the Michelin Guide and every once in a while, we go there to dine. There are 6 people waiting on us, the bread girl, the wine guy, the waiter who takes our order and brings our check, the girl who brings the food to us and  explains it, the guy who takes the empty plates away, and the silverware girl who takes away the inappropriate silverware and brings the perfect utensils for each course. They created a splendid mix of artistry and food. For your pleasure, I have included photos of each course below.

The Prince and I then stroll along the bank of the Garonne River, visiting a cathedral and finding the perfect place to sit on this sunny day under the weeping willow. We get the call that our coach is ready to travel and find the King and the coach (a Renault) ready to go. We drive through the countryside, admiring the various chateaux and landholdings.

Finally, we arrive at our own chateau, the Chateau Beaupre ( The tower is 14th century, but our rooms are in the more modern 16th century section. The Prince has his own loft for sleeping. Everything is closed in our little village, so we visit the nearby village Chateauneuf-du-Pape for a late evening pizza at the local pub. Of course, even the cheapest wine is of the best quality.

We are thankful that our Chateau has wi-fi and enjoy the connection before we retire. All is at peace within the Kingdom.

One response

  1. Susie

    We read with joy that the Queen, King, and Prince find their accommodations suitable. The portrait of the regal pair on the balcony is divine. All we need is a little queenly hand wave:-0
    Chateauneuf de Pape is where that first wine that Manley brought back for me came from. Very dry and red. And we see that the Prince is wined-up as well. Very nice. He’ll be expecting fruit of the vine at home now, one surmises.
    Pix of luncheon are stunning…one can almost taste it from 6 time zones away:-)

    May 20, 2010 at 6:11 pm

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