My Life as a Traveler

A Vacation from my Vacation

Exhausted! After going full-out the week before departure, busy every single minute at Jean-Pierre and Patricia’s, and getting to this mountain, there is nothing left.

Today I stayed in bed all day, except for meals. I had 5 days of writing to do for you all, 5 days of pictures to download, edit, and get ready to post, and needed to figure out how to do it all better. I’m still trying to figure out how to move the pictures to the bottom of the post easily. Glad you’re bearing with me!

Can’t complain about the view, though. The mountaintops are playing hide-and-seek with the clouds. I was going to listen to some music on my Ipod, but then I wouldn’t hear the sheep bells clanging, the birds singing, and the hum of the cable car as it whizzes up the mountain. Thunderstorms rang high above in the cloud-covered peaks.

The funniest thing was watching the farmers run the sheep out of the barn and out to the pasture. I posted a video of that on my Facebook page? Go to, look up my profile, and check it out. Become my friend if you’re not already.

I can’t believe that we were actually warned not to come up here, since the weather was going to be so bad, snowy and rainy like in Zermatt. Thank goodness we didn’t listen and came up anyway!

Susie got a chance to enjoy some walks on her own, searching for new Alpine wildflowers.

At dinner, we had a new batch of dining companions. Two couples from Cincinnatti, one couple from Minnesota, and a young woman from Florida studying hotel management in the Valais part of Switzerland. The evening was filled with Olie and Lena jokes, tales of (mis)adventures, singing Eagles hits, and lots of laughter. Fun group.

Tomorrow I’ll get out of bed and explore the area, but today, I’m taking a vacation from my vacation.

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