My Life as a Traveler

Welcome to La Renardiere

In Switzerland, the airports are sooo clean and modern. The train from Geneva to Lausanne is sooo clean, quiet, and punctual.

Met at the train station by tres sophistique Jean-Pierre, we are whisked up the hill (one of 5 in Lausanne) to his home, La Renardiere (The Foxhole, because of the little foxes they see flitting in and out of the woods from their back sunroom). From said sunroom we can see Lake Geneva (Lac Leman to you if you’re Swiss) and the Alps. Heaven!

Susie and I met Jean-Pierre and his wife, Patricia, in Costa Rica two years ago on one of our annual girls-only May trips. We were on the Osa Peninsula, almost impossible to get there by car so you arrive by boat after two hours down the river, then turn left at the Pacific until you get there. Howler monkeys singing us good-night, coatis patrolling the border of the jungle, and one afternoon of swarming, hatching termites blocking the gorgeous view. We became fast friends over meals and a nature tour to an even more wild part of the country. We were invited to visit them someday, and, if you know us, we always take invitations like that seriously.

So, two years later, we are welcomed into their home. First fed a fine lunch (with local wine!) in the aforementioned sunroom which also overlooks a cow pasture. We can hear the traditional bells on the cows as they graze. Music!

There are a couple of errands to run. I decided I’m not bringing shampoo and toothpaste, but buying some here. Patricia is making fondue for dinner, so the right cheese must be found. The town we visit is Jean-Pierre’s birthplace, nicely situated on the lake. We take their just-off-white golden retriever, Zorro (means fox in Spanish) and he rolls in the sand after retrieving sticks we toss into the water. It’s also the Fete des Tulipes, and flowers abound.

Fondue for dinner is the best fondue you’ve ever had, with Kirsch (cherry liquer) to dip your bread in before you swirl it in the cheese.  the local wine is light and fresh. Wow, tired (only 4 hours of sleep on the plane the night before) but satisfied, we crawl into bed, too tired to say goodnight. We love Switzerland.

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